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To Whom Much Is Given Book Synopsis

Success has a price and sometimes loved ones become collateral damage. "To Whom Much is Given" by Cecilia T. Capers, Esq. is a journey of one woman on the road to fulfillment and it is an exploration of the social, spiritual, and emotional responsibility people have to themselves as well as the loved ones who are part of their journey.    

Avery Benjamin is a talented, intelligent, and beautiful 'thirty-something' attorney who has all of the trappings of success as a member of the modern, African American “Talented Tenth.”  She has the love and support of a multicultural mosaic of dynamic women who augment her life.

She is in a serious relationship with Antonio Dawson, a professional football player four years her junior whose family is part of Atlanta’s wealthy and influential ‘African American elite.’

However, like so many contemporary women, Avery longs for the days when she pursued big, passionate dreams.  Avery wants to return to her true love - writing.  During this introspective period, her former lover from law school, Dean Everard Swithin, re-enters her world.  For years, the wealthy Englishman, who became a successful television writer and producer, admired Avery’s innate writing talent.  When Dean asks Avery, for a third time, to become a staff writer for his television program, Avery's own drama begins.

At first, everything moves smoothly for Avery until a series of events change her heart as well as her perspective. That is just the beginning of Avery’s journey as she takes steps to confront her past, mend the wounds of her present, and find the strength to fulfill her destiny with the man she loves by her side.

Written by an attorney and former lobbyist on the path to a more fulfilling life, "To Whom Much Is Given" is a story for any person who realizes: The Best is Yet to Come.