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Whether you remember dancing to songs on LPs, .45s, and 8-Track tapes, were conceived to tunes on a ‘mixtape,’ or cried when Napster died, music is such an integral part of our lives. As a writer, I need music to elevate my mind.


With the help of poet and rapper PicaSso Sight (Jesse Ulysse) here is this semester’s list of 65 must-have albums. These albums make the grade by adding value to musical expression and can help young, aspiring musicians to explore their musicality.  This is an ongoing process so please don't get exited if your favs are not listed.  Please feel free to recommend. 


65 may be a passing grade in school but we know ambitious folks want to be at the head of the class. Put in your earbuds! Class is in session.


(In alphabetical order)


Songs 1 - 20


1. Aaliyah- Aaliyah (Life, love, and loss. It would have been wonderful to see and hear her at this stage in her career. Aaliyah…Beyoncé. We could have “watched the throne” of the queens.)


2. Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship- India.Arie (Enlightenment, pain, and love poured out from a pure place makes this such a great album.)


3. Licensed to Ill- Beastie Boys (They exposed the world to a new ‘complexion’ in the rap genre.)


4. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles (No explanation necessary.)


5. Dangerously in Love- Beyoncé (All the shades of love painted with vibratos and harmony. The powerhouse production team is an all-star lineup of musical talent.)


6. Turnstiles; The Stranger; and Glass Houses- Billy Joel (The choice is so difficult. After 9/11 “New York State of Mind and “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)” took on new meanings.)


7. Parallel Lines- Blondie (When you listen to Debbie Harry sing, you can feel the 1970’s.)


8. Slippery When Wet- Bon Jovi (Long hair, tight pants, Chevy Camaros, and leather…hmmm…some things never go out of style.)


9. The Lord Will Make a Way- Shirley Caesar (Still the 'Singin' Preacher' after decades, this 1997 album can make you feel like you are in church wherever you are. Testify!)


Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash (Unapologetic music sung and played by and for the common man. Cash was and still is an American treasure.)



11. Combat Rock- The Clash (Expressing British teen angst courtesy of Joe Strummer with spiky hair and plenty of amplifier reverb. If you love rap, check out their influences.)


12. Giant Steps- John Coltrane (Trane + Saxophone = Pure Genius.)


13. Bitches Brew- Miles Davis (A canvass of Nubian splendor. Words cannot describe the experience of listening to this work of art. Enlightening music for kings and queens.)


14. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)- Eurythmics (Annie Lennox’s short, platinum hair and androgynous look coupled with her vocals makes the album a brash and brilliant experience.)


15. Food and Liquor-Lupe Fiasco (The Chi Town native’s debut album is filled with thought provoking lyrics coupled with slick rhymes and poetry.)


16. Rumours- Fleetwood Mac (Their unique sound enhanced by the one and only Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham can be simply characterized as enchanting.)


17. Amazing Grace- Aretha Franklin (The Queen of Soul sings soul-stirring gospel. Get uplifted.)


18. Here, My Dear- Marvin Gaye (One of the lesser know albums by the mesmerizing singer-musician. Possibly too open and confession ridden, Marvin gets bare, raw, and real.)


19. The Message- Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five (They expressed the feelings of people living in the concrete jungle using urban poetry: It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.)


20. I'm Still in Love with You- Al Green (His gospel roots gives his music character and depth. The seminal classic "Love and Happiness" can move you with power and delight.)



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